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Are you finding the world of Medicare, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans a bit more complex than you first imagined?

Did you know that if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may have options to switch to a different plan during the year, if you wanted to?  If you have moved to a new area, have COPD, Heart Problems, Diabetes or qualify for Medicaid you need to call us today - you may have additional benefits available!

You Have Many Questions, We Understand Your Confusion...
We Provide Answers, Choices, Options & Solutions!

~ Annual Coordinated Election Period or Annual Enrollment Period or AEP?
~ Open Enrollment Periods (OEP)?
~ Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)?
~ What Medicare Does and Doesn't Cover, Co-Pays & Deductibles?
~ What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan & Its Advantages vs Disadvantages?
~ What Is A Medicare Supplement, A Medigap, A HMO, A POS, Or A PPO?
~ What Is The Donut Hole ("The Black Hole")?
~ What To Do In The Coverage Gap?
~ Medications Not On Your Formulary?
~ Generics vs. Preferred Generics?
~ Formulary Determinations and Appeals?
~ Deductions From Social Security Checks For Medicare Part B?
~ Low-Income Subsidies (How and Where to Apply)?
~ How You May Be Able To Qualify For Help With Prescription Cost?
~ How To Qualify For Added Benefits, If You Have Heart Disease, Diabetes or COPD?
~ How To Receive Value Added Benefits Such As: Vision, Dental, Gym Benefits & OTC Benefits?
~ What To Do If You Qualify For Both Medicare & Medicaid?
~ What Are The Penalties for Late-Enrollment For Medicare Part B & Medicare Part D?

Well, You Are Not Alone! We are proud to present the Most Innovative, the Most Effective, the Most Efficient and the Most Comprehensive Services available for today's ever changing Medicare Benefits concerning Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare-Medicaid Plans and Medicare Supplements. Receive FREE information in figuring out which is which and what gives you the most benefits, at the lowest cost, for your unique situation...

Whether your concerns are:  What to do if you are Aging into Medicare or how to lower your healthcare cost or options to reduce your prescription drug cost or how to find out if you qualify to receive a Part B Refund each and every month back from Social Security, you now have an independent resource to find out the Choices, Options & Solutions that you have pertaining to the Medicare Benefits that you have earned and are entitled to. 

You can also learn if there is a $0 out-of-pocket cost option available for diabetes supplies or $0 Primary Care visits options available or is a Referral needed to see a Specialist or even if $0 Rx Deductibles are available in your County.  Are you able to visit your Doctor of Choice or do you have to see a "Network Doctor"? Finally, if needed, you can also get information on where to receive help in getting your outstanding Medicare Claims taken care of. 

We are here to provide you with hassle-free, no-cost, no-obligation information that will give you Choices, Options & Solutions available in your County.  We  believe in treating Medicare Eligibles with the respect and care that they have earned and are entitled to. We are here for you!


Finally, Two Important Benefits To Take Advantage of Immediately:

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Medicare Benefits Change Every Year!
Knowledge Is Power!

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James R. McGrath is a Licensed Insurance Professional that Specializes in Medicare Benefits.

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